Buffalo Wild Wings Offering Bunk Beds to People Who Have Clearly Lost Their Minds For March Madness

When we were kids, we dreamed of being able to sleep overnight at a baseball stadium, museum, or aquarium. What could be more fun than falling asleep as a movie plays on the big screen at Fenway Park or underneath a giant whale skeleton at the Natural History Museum in New York City? There are few equivalents as an adult because our own bed is just much more comfortable than a grassy outfield or the faded carpet of a giant aquarium. But what if we could have a sleepover at our favorite bar? That would be pretty cool, right? We’d drink more beer, eat more wings, and stay up later than is healthy but at least we wouldn’t have to drive home. That would be the dream. Well, that dream is about to become a reality because Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a few lucky March Madness fans a chance to actually do it.

They’re calling it BnB-Dubs and it’s guaranteed to be the greatest sleepover in the history of chicken wings and beer. That’s because one Buffalo Wild Wings location is being converted into an Airbnb pop-up hotel for the first two days of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. That means that you can watch all of the first 32 games in the comfort of a BnB-Dubs.

Four lucky basketball fans will sleep in bunk beds and enjoy “almost unlimited access” (whatever that means) to wings, beer, and a whole lot of televisions. To enter, all you need to do is post a video on your social media pages explaining why you’re the “ultimate March Madness fan” and why you deserve to be invited to the Buffalo Wild Wings in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago for the ultimate grown-up sleepover. Don’t forget to add #bnbdubscontest and you’re on your way to sleeping in the equivalent of a dorm room inside of a popular restaurant chain.

Photo: Buffalo Wild Wings

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