Buffalo Wings Battle of the Dressings: Ranch vs. Blue Cheese

The Buffalo wing was created in Buffalo, New York, at the world-famous Anchor Bar. The year was 1964, and according to legend, co-owner Teressa Bellissimo created the tangy, spicy, crispy appetizer when her son and some of his friends came in and asked for a snack. She deep-fried chicken wings, tossed them in hot sauce, and set the plate in front of the hungry group. We don’t know if this is the truth or an origin myth, but what we do know is we can’t get enough of the saucy dish. While our approach to wings is: the hotter the better, we also like to dip them in a cooling, creamy sauce. The two most popular are ranch and blue cheese dressing.

You might be surprised to hear that the battle between dipping wings in ranch or blue cheese riles people up (especially those folks living in Western New York). That’s why today we’ve decided to finally put this feud to rest and decide which one of these dressings is the only one you should use to dunk your chicken wings.

Photo: mphillips007 (Getty Images)

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Well, after much debate, it’s been decided that ranch is the superior sauce. It’s simply tastier, more approachable, more versatile, and available anywhere you’d eat Buffalo wings. We pledge allegiance to the ranch and won’t let those Western New Yorkers run us out of town. Don’t agree? Tell us why we’re wrong in the comments!

Overall Winner: Ranch

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