Strange Brews: Woman Pees Alcohol Without Ever Drinking

Everyone knows that strange things sometimes happen if you drink alcohol. This is especially true if you drink a lot of it. Maybe you decided to purchase a giant unicorn raft late one night even though you don’t have a pool and you live far away from any body of water. Perhaps you signed up for an online dating site or a meat-of-the-month club. Or maybe you just felt horrible the next day and took frequent trips to the bathroom. Well, what if strange things that were alcohol-related began to happen and you didn’t even have the enjoyment of imbibing any booze?

That was the case with a 61-year-old woman in Pittsburgh. After a long night of drinking, you spend a lot of time releasing the evening’s alcohol through urinating. Well, this woman was urinating alcohol even though she hadn’t had a sip of booze. According to doctors, it was caused by an excess of yeast in her bladder that fermented in the sugar found in the urine and produced alcohol. They’re calling it “Urinary Auto-Brewery Syndrome” and it was pretty bad news for the patient.

This is because the woman, who suffers from diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver, was on a waiting list to receive a new bladder. (Hence the urine testing.) But, once alcohol was found in her urine (an obvious no-no), she was not only removed from the list but was also told to seek treatment for alcohol abuse.

She was moved to a new hospital and her urine was tested again. They decided to test her blood and realized their mistake. Obviously, there was no alcohol in her blood and, after investigating, it was determined that her urine was chock full of yeast. How this is treated, we have no idea. But, it would definitely be a bummer to end up peeing alcohol without any of the fun benefits beforehand.

Photo: David Woolley (Getty Images)

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