Disservice Animal: Cleverly Disturbed Man Registers Beer as an Emotional Support Pet

For most of our lives, the only service animal we ever saw was some breed of dog. But, in recent years, it seems like people try to pass off every animal imaginable. From service peacocks to service ponies and even service turkeys, there seems to be no limit to what people will attempt to get designated as a “service animal.” Honestly, there’s nothing more soothing to a person suffering from anxiety than a hissing bearded dragon, right? Well, even with all of these debatable service animals, we haven’t yet seen someone attempt to pass off beer as a service animal. That is, until now.

That’s because a Brooklyn man has registered a beer as an emotional support animal. How he did this is mind-boggling. A pint of beer is definitely not an animal. It’s an inanimate beverage that has the same coping capabilities as an empty bucket. But he decided that he needed emotional support, and beer would provide it. While we find this “animal” to be extremely odd, we totally understand why it’s a great coping mechanism. A glass of beer can be relaxing and filling, and after a few, we probably wouldn’t have any worries either. Below you’ll find some GIFs proving how beer can actually provide all the support we need.

Photo: Space_Cat (Getty Images)

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