Ranked! The 10 Most Recommended Emotional Support Beers We Can Prescribe For an Anxiety-Free Spring

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

We know all about emotional support animals. At one point, they mostly consisted of dogs with the occasional cat. In recent years, we’ve seen the addition of tiny horses, pigs, and even peacocks. How much support most of these animals actually give, we don’t know. While we’re all for having dogs (and to some extent cats) around, we look for our emotional support elsewhere…like emotional support beers.

To poke fun at how over-the-top some of the emotional support animals were becoming, Brooklyn’s Floyd Hayes registered his favorite IPA as an emotional support animal back in January of 2020. Due to the obvious strangeness of this action, he made headlines around the world.

Recently, he teamed up with New York’s Woodstock Brewing to launch a beer aptly called “Emotional Support Beer.” This has us wondering which beers we’d select as our own emotional support beers. Check out our 10 selections below. As a bonus, we ranked them.

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