Ranked! Celebrate International Beer Day With the 10 Best Brews, From Tasty to Full Tipsy Worthy

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

In our opinion, every day is beer day. But not every day is International Beer Day. This global holiday only takes place on Aug. 6. While the day before is National IPA Day, the sixth is a day to truly embrace pale ales, IPAs, wheat beers, porters, stouts, and sour beers on a worldwide level.

To get the most out of the holiday, we figured the time was right to highlight some of our favorites throughout the big, blue ball we call earth. We only picked one beer from the US because we wanted to highlight beers from all corners of the globe. Keep reading to find the ten beers we’ll be drinking for this special, boozy holiday. As a bonus, we ranked them so you know exactly what to sip on.