Brewed News: This Beer Company Is Using Ice From Stanley Cup to Brew

Photo: Coors Light

You might not have realized it, but professional sports are actually being played this summer. That’s because, if you’re anything like us, sitting inside and watching baseball, basketball, and hockey when you could be outside enjoying yard games, camping, hiking, and everything summer has to offer to enjoy just doesn’t make any sense. This is doubly true because many of us didn’t really get to enjoy any of our summer activities last year. But, regardless, the NHL just wrapped up its season and the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row. We wouldn’t really care much about this feat except for the fact that we learned that a well-known beer company is celebrating this repeat by brewing a beer using ice from the team’s arena.

To pay tribute to the Florida team’s third championship (and second in a row), Coors Light has decided to brew a special, limited-edition beer called “Coors Light Champions Ice.” The name comes from the fact that the water used to brew it was actually scraped off of the rink at Amalie Arena, where the team clinched the championship. It was then transported back to Golden, Colorado (where the beer is brewed) where it was filtered and purified before the brewing process began.

“As an official beer partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, we’re proud to celebrate the team’s second-straight championship win by giving Bolts fans a literal taste of the action,” Marcelo Pascoa, Coors vice president of marketing said in a press release.

Sadly, if you want to try this limited-edition beer, you’ll have to do so in the new city of champions. Beginning this week, Lightning fans (and fans of beer made with arena ice) can drink pints of this special beer at participating Tampa Bay bars. They can also get a limited-edition 32-ounce crowler if they want to enjoy this unique beer in the comfort of their own home.