Obsessed ex girlfriend spying on an annoyed couple dating in a restaurant

Meanwhile in Turkey: Cheating Boyfriend Gets Double Dumped in Surprise Attack, Embarrassment Proves to Make Good Company These Lonely Nights

When it comes to love, cheaters never win. But sometimes the victims can work in a small victory by setting up their philandering boyfriend for a surprise attack of international proportions.

Sophie Miller and Karen Bishop were two complete strangers with one thing in common: The same dude. Turns out, these two Texas gals had been dating the same guy (let’s call him Dick) for almost a year before they found out he’d been cheating.

It happened four days before Dick and Bishop’s post-quarantine trip to Turkey when Miller called out of the blue and left a voicemail.

“Hey, I’ve just learned about you. I’ve been dating this person for nine months, and I thought you’d like to know about me. Give me a call if you have any questions.”

Bishop, who’d gone “exclusive” with Dick back in August 2020, was floored. She didn’t believe the message was real, until she Facetimed Miller who was standing in the middle of Dick’s apartment.

The next day, the two women met up to hash it out. But rather than quarrel, they (correctly) put the blame squarely on Dick’s cheating shoulders – the man who had wooed them with goat yoga and promises of Turkish delight. They decided a run-of-the-mill dumping was just too good for Dick.

The following week, Bishop and Dick boarded their flight, but this time Bishop was the one with a dirty secret. When the plane landed, she confronted her soon-to-be-ex about his extracurricular activities, showing him incriminating photos Miller had shared with her. Then she dumped his ass as loudly as possible in the middle of the airport so everyone could hear.

As Dick stammered for words, Miller suddenly appeared, adding the final blow in the ladies’ brilliant revenge ambush. With Dick properly dumped for the second time that day, the girls skipped off to enjoy their Turkish vacation together, getting the kind of closure most scorned lovers can only dream of.

Miller and Bishop ended up having one of the best trips of their lives, not giving a second thought about Dick until the flight home. “We were actually sitting behind him on the flight back. That’s a 13-hour flight,” Bishop said. “We just sat there chatting, giggling and enjoying the flight, and he heard every word.”

What a Dick.

Cover Photo: AntonioGuillem (Getty Images)

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