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Ranked! The Mandatory Top 20 Cities For Cheaters (And the People Who Stupidly Love Them)

Cheating seems like it would be a universal problem – and it is – but where you live might correlate to how likely you (or your partner) are to seek out a side dish. How do we know? Science, of course. A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research determined the top 20 cities for cheaters in the U.S.

The researchers couldn’t just ask people if they’ve cheated (because most will lie about it) but instead based their findings on the number of new accounts created on the infamous Ashley Madison dating site which is designed to help cheaters cheat. They calculated the sign-ups between June 20, 2020, and Sept. 22, 2020, on a per capita basis, to determine the most unfaithful cities.

Some of these hot spots will be no surprise – hello, Miami and Las Vegas – but others boggle the mind (Boise, Idaho? Really?). Aside from geography, there are other common traits among cheaters: women are more likely to step out on their marriages than men, older people tend to stray more often, and those who are no longer attracted to their spouse are prime suspects for seeking stimulation elsewhere. Even more shocking: the average number of affair partners is six. Go big or go home, right?

Without further ado, here are the top 20 cities for cheaters. If your hometown is one of them, you might want to keep your eyes peeled around your partner (and make sure you’re satisfying them on the regular).

Cover Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)


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