Meanwhile in Florida: Naked Woman Goes on Rampage at Outback Steakhouse, Clearly Has Beef With Clothes at Dinner (Don’t We All Now?)

Oh, Florida. Just when we thought you couldn’t get any crazier, you fall even deeper off the deep end.

The latest wacko to emerge from the Sunshine State is 53-year-old Tina Kindred. She was recently arrested after trashing both an Outback Steakhouse and a Mojo Grill in Ocala – completely naked.

In a viral video of the altercation, a police officer can be seen responding to the strange restaurant scene. Kindred is climbing on the bar in her birthday suit and throws a wine bottle at him, then stomps off. The officer tasers the psychotic nude lady (appropriately?) in the left breast. She immediately falls to the floor.

“On your stomach!” the officer demands. “Or you’re going to get it again!”

The tail end of the video shows the destruction Kindred left in her wake – food, plates, and garbage litter the floor of the empty restaurant.

Once Kindred was apprehended, she was charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief.

While on the one hand, we understand the resistance to dining while clothed (come on, we just came out of an 18-month pandemic in which we all ate in various states of nakedness every night in front of the TV at home), there’s really no excuse for subjecting a member of law enforcement to such a show of both brute force and lewd nudity.

We guess Kindred just has a beef with clothes. Unfortunately, it’s totally ruined our appetites.

Cover Photo: YouTube