Meanwhile in Florida: Woman Arrested For Skinny-Dipping in Stranger’s Pool, Should Get a Medal of Honor

Oh, Florida. Never stop being you. The Sunshine State is home to the nation’s weirdest wackos, and this story is no exception. It involves a 42-year-old woman from Port Charlotte who decided one day to take a dip, sans swimsuit, in a neighbor’s pool.

Heather Kennedy was discovered skinny dipping by police after they were called to the home. The homeowner, 69-year-old James Clark, called the authorities when he returned home from a doctor’s appointment to find the middle-aged lady swimming nude in his pool. Even after the cops arrived, Kennedy refused to exit the water; when she finally did, she put up a fight before officers could cuff her.

She was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest without violence. No word on why that particular pool seemed so enticing or what objection she has to swimwear.

Given the heat waves gripping the country lately, we can’t say we blame her for wanting to cool off. We do wonder, though: why didn’t Clark thank his lucky stars and join her in the water? A man his age should be so lucky to find a naked woman literally in his own backyard.

Cover Photo: Ekspansio (Getty Images)