Meanwhile in Florida: Police Officer Wrestles Alligator in Pool, Turns Out to Be a Floatie (Chokehold Likely Less Thrilling)

Say what you want about police officers. The fact of the matter is (we hope), most police officers get into that line of work to help people, to save people, and to better their community. OK, well, maybe not most. Maybe some. Probably a few. The police in Polk County, Florida are good guys at least. They want to keep their communities safe from criminals, from lowlifes and from fierce, wildlife creatures. Or, at least, things that look like fierce wildlife creatures.

Such was the case with Deputy Trexler, who responded to a call about an alligator who was hiding in a storage shed.

Naturally, it would be a terrifying experience to open the door to one’s shed and find the razor-toothed grin of a Florida gator. So, naturally, you would call the police to come and handle this most unwelcome visitor. This is what happened in Polk County and Deputy Trexler, to his credit, didn’t hesitate before approaching the wild, aquatic beast. He gathered his courage, took a deep breath and prepared for the battle of his lifetime.

The only problem was, the creature wasn’t an actual alligator. It was a pool floatie. It didn’t take long for the deputy to realize there was no immediate threat. In fact, he may have even had time to debate whether or not he should take the toy for a dip in the nearby pool. Instead, he opted for a photo op of himself and the pool floatie. The photo was then posted to the Polk County Sherriff Department’s Twitter account, along with a quote which read:  “He came…he saw…he conquered the beast. He even knocked the wind out of it. Literally. The gator turned out to be a pool floatie.”

We can’t speak for the rest of the country but, at least in Polk County, the officers are making sure that criminals say “see ya later, alligator.”

Cover Photo: Polk County Sheriff’s Office

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