Meanwhile in Florida: Man Hits Disney Employee Over Face Mask, Mickey Says See You in Magical Prison

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

If you had a combination of Disney World and “Florida Man” on your Florida bingo board, you’re doing really well right now. It only makes sense that some “Florida Man” stories would take place at the “happiest place on Earth.” Well, Disney World (specifically Epcot Center) wasn’t all that happy for a Florida man named Enrico Toro. What began as a nice day with his wife and three children at the popular amusement park ended in battery charges and a trip to jail. And he didn’t even get to go on Mission: Space.

It all started on Aug. 14 when Toro and his family got in line, eagerly awaiting a wonderful day in the Florida sun. That’s when security pulled them aside because they weren’t wearing the proper face masks. We don’t know what was wrong with their masks, but Disney has specific rules about the types of masks visitors are permitted to wear. Masks can’t contain valves or holes, can’t have ear loops, and gaiters and bandannas are not permitted.

Toro and his family got out of line and came back about ten minutes later. This is when things started to get heated. While Toro, his wife, and two of his children returned wearing appropriate masks, one of the children’s masks still didn’t meet Disney’s specific standards.

This is when Toro started to get angry, refusing the leave and telling security guards to call the police, saying that they’d have to shoot him to get him to leave. A security guard got on his phone to call his supervisor and Toro smacked him in the head.

His wife attempted to get him under control. But, instead of calming down, he yelled that he not only knew where the man lived, but that he would come to his house and kill him. Police showed up and arrested Toro on battery charges. All this because he didn’t have the right masks to enter the park. The moral of the story? Read the rules before you go literally anywhere in this COVID world. Also, relax.

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