Nude Man Caught Chasing Wild Boar That Stole His Laptop, A Visual That Perfectly Depicts 2020


Often times, we write about the strange things that seem to happen on a daily basis in the state of Florida. Well, this story has a very “Florida Man” vibe, but it occurred recently outside of Berlin, Germany. But, besides the location, the whole story seems like the type of thing that happens on a daily basis in the “Sunshine State.”

The short version is a nude man rain through a crowd of people chasing wild boars who stole his laptop. Yes, it really happened and it’s the kind of visual that pretty much sums up 2020 so far. In essence, we’re all this nude man running after wild animals that stole our laptop.

It all happened at a lake called Teufelssee near Berlin and luckily a woman named Adele Landauer was there document the whole ordeal. To give you a little background, the lake (which is translated to “Devil’s Lake”) is a popular spot for nude sunbathers.

The day was going swimmingly for the clothed and unclothed alike until a wild board and her piglets decided to treat themselves to someone’s cold pizza while they were swimming. That was fairly entertaining for the crowd. But it all went haywire when the boar snatched a bag thinking there was food inside. What was actually inside was a laptop owned by a middle-aged, nude man.

He didn’t really appreciate the wild animal running off with his expensive electronics, so he decided to take chase. Keep in mind, everything was out there flapping as he ran. Landauer took pictures of all the mayhem and even asked the man afterward if she could tastefully post them to social media. He obliged and she did.

Even though wild boar are known to be able to run as fast as 30 miles per hour, the man managed to retrieve his laptop and returned to applause and cheers from the onlookers whose day (and likely year) he inadvertently made.

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