24-Year-Old Teacher Writes Her Will Before Returning to School, Trouble Deciding to Whom She Should Leave All Her Potential

Coronavirus has made all of us think a little harder about our mortality. How can we not, with the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 climbing over 150K? One 24-year-old, however, is taking matters into her own hands and planning for the worst: by writing her will. Why is she planning for her own demise at such a young age? Because she’s a teacher.

“I’m a 24 year old teacher writing my will because it’s ‘highly recommended’ by the US department of education, who is forcing us to go back to school. Let that sink in,” the social media post read.

We feel for you, @EmmaaAdamss14 (that’s Miss Adams, to you, kids). Teachers shouldn’t have to put their lives at risk to do their jobs – or have to sacrifice their livelihoods to stay safe. If only potential could be passed down like family heirlooms in case worse comes to worst.

Cover Photo: EMS-FORSTER-PRODUCTIONS (Getty Images)

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