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The Pride Community Teams Up With Black Lives Matter For Ultimate Power Punch, Lord Help You If You’re Not a Supporter

June is traditionally known as Pride Month – a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. The month-long holiday is known for its raucous parades, rainbow everything, and joyful reverie in cities all around the world. This year, however, things are different and we aren’t even talking about COVID-19’s impact on the usually packed event schedule.

Because of the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, protests elevating the voices of people of color, and in particular the Black Lives Matter movement, have spread globally and garnered the rapt attention of the media. But just because these two communities are rallying for their own causes doesn’t mean they can’t support one another, too.

That’s because the black community has had trouble in the past embracing its LGBTQ members, just as the LGBTQ+ community has struggled to be more inclusive of people of color. This month’s uprising for both groups presents an opportunity for social justice warriors of all races and sexual identities to come together, fight back against police violence, and strengthen one another’s movements. It’s the ultimate power punch – and Lord help you if you’re not a supporter. The parades may be canceled, but the protests will go on. Find one and join in on this pivotal moment in history.

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