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The Mandatory Living Guide For All the Fantastic and Foul Things You Can Do Once You’re Fully Vaccinated

Never have Americans been so excited to get vaccinated, but a year-plus of coronavirus quarantine will do that to you. The end of Covid seems to be in sight (for now). If you’ve managed to get a shot in the arm, pat yourself on the back (with the other arm; that muscle soreness is no joke). Now it’s time to get back out there, and behave like reckless, impulsive young people again!

What should you do first? Second? Third? Slow down, eager beaver. We know you have a lot of energy – and a third stimulus check – to burn. There will be plenty of time to indulge in all the hedonistic delights you’ve missed out on over the past 13 months. That’s why we created the Mandatory Living Guide For All the Fantastic and Foul Things You Can Do Once You’re Fully Vaccinated. It’s your cheat sheet to the activities most coveted for those with immunity.

A note of caution: while technically you can start reviving your social life two weeks after you are fully vaccinated (which means one shot for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; two shots for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines), there’s still a chance that you could spread coronavirus, so the CDC has released some guidelines on gathering sizes/locations and mask-wearing. While we all wish we could get back to the way things were, pre-pandemic, the new normal is going to be with us for a while still. Have fun, but be safe and considerate of others who may not be vaccinated yet.

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