Scream-Based Covid Test Is Incredibly Accurate at Measuring Our Quarantine Resentment and Sheer Misery

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, we’d all like to scream our heads off. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year of working from home, social distancing, food and grocery deliveries, and intermittent Covid tests to make sure we don’t die from this insidious virus. Now, a new Covid test allows you to unleash your rage at the state of the world and get tested for coronavirus at the same time.

It’s called the “scream-based COVID-19 test” and it was created by Dutch inventor Peter van Wees. It works exactly as you’d imagine: you go inside an airtight cabin called the QuBa and scream your head off. The structure then collects, dries and measures the particles in the air to determine if you have Covid.

“If you are…yelling and screaming, you’re spreading tens of thousands of particles which contain coronavirus,” van Wees explained to the New York Post.

In as little as three minutes, the scream test can determine if you have Covid with 80 percent accuracy, which is similar to a nasal swab test.

“It’s always very nice to scream when nobody can hear you,” Soraya Assoud, a participant in the scream test trials, said with a laugh. “I think it’s a good way of meditation as well, so it’s fun!”

Whether or not this is an effective and efficient form of Covid testing, we don’t really care. What the buzz around this invention does prove is how desperate we are to release our quarantine resentment and sheer misery in a long, loud scream fest.

Cover Photo: New York Post

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