Video Shows Rudy Giuliani Almost Literally Rubbing Coronavirus on Somebody

It’s easy to be angry these days. There is a lot of anger and hate in the world right now. But, on the bright side, there’s still a lot of stupidity as well. And when it comes to stupidity and things that make us laugh and shake our head, nobody is better than Rudy Giuliani. We’ve already discussed how Sacha Baron Cohen punk’d him. We’ve also taken him to task about his thoughts on the BLM movement. This time, we don’t want to lecture him or condemn him. We just want to make fun of him.

He makes it so easy, too. For instance, check out this video which shows “The Rude One,” (a nickname we just now gave him) sitting dangerously close to a woman at a Trump rally. The video shows him sweating profusely (no surprise), before using a handkerchief to dab himself. He then touches the handkerchief that is now adorned with his sweat and other germs, before caressing the arm of the young woman whom he was sitting next to. All the while, he has the biggest, happiest shit-eating grin on his big, dumb face. It’s a masterclass in what not to do and it’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of someone we used to respect. It’s almost endearing. Much like a train wreck, we can’t take our eyes off this video. Trump is our favorite metaphorical punching bag, but Rudy G is a close second, simply because he makes it so damn easy to do so.

Cover Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

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