Mandatory Hall of Fame: Our 20 Weirdest News and Funniest Stories of 2020

If hindsight is 2020, then we don’t want it anymore. We’ll continue to live in a world of foresight for the foreseeable future, because 2020 has sucked. Most of the stories coming out of 2020 have been a bummer, but there has been a silver lining to the giant fucking raincloud hovering over this past year – there have been a lot of funny stories as well. We, at Mandatory, have had the absolute privilege of covering many of these weird-cum-funny-cum-could-only-happen-in-2020 stories and, as the year finally comes to a close, we have rounded up those stories for the benefit of all.

These stories are weird. They’re awkward. Some of them are super uncomfortable. A few of them involve Rudy Giuliani (who is the epitome of weird, awkward, and uncomfortable). Regardless, Carol Burnette said that comedy is tragedy plus time. We’re not sure if enough time has passed for us to get over the tragedy of 2020, but we’re gonna give it the old college try. This is the Mandatory Hall of Fame: Our 20 Weirdest and Funniest Stories of 2020.

Cover Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

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