Meanwhile in Florida: Man Thaws Thanksgiving Turkey in Backyard Pool, Secret Ingredient Is Chlorine (And Maybe a Dash of Covid)

We’re not ones to judge, especially when it comes to family traditions. Every family has their own cute lil’ quirks. Whether its choosing canned cranberry sauce over the real stuff (good), using frozen green beans instead of fresh ones for the casserole (bad), or stealing land from the people who actually discovered it and murdering them when they asked if they could keep some of it (very bad), Thanksgiving is a holiday full of unique traditions.

None are more unique, however, than the one started by the O’Donnell family in Clearwater, Florida. Mark O’Donnell, the patriarch, posted a video to Facebook in which he showed off the family’s annual Thanksgiving tradition of thawing the holiday turkey in their backyard swimming pool.

Shut up, don’t judge them. O’Donnell said that he closely examines the packaging before tossing the bird, to ensure none of the chlorinated water seeps into the meat. He made no mention of the fact that his pool is also probably full of the coronavirus as well, but no matter. We’re all going to get COVID-19 this Thanksgiving anyway.

Cover Photo: Glenn Domin/EyeEm (Getty Images)

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