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Meanwhile in Florida: Gender Reveal Features Massive Babies Boxing Each Other, Not Creepy at All

People still haven’t gotten it through their heads that gender reveal parties are dumb at best and dangerous at worst. At least this recent one in Florida didn’t start a forest fire that burned thousands of acres of land. But it definitely takes the (pink and blue) cake for creepiness.

Rather than use a balloon, confetti popper, pyrotechnic device, or any other asinine methods of revealing a baby’s sex (only the baby knows its gender, to be revealed later), a pregnant woman in Jacksonville had her cousin and nephew dress in giant inflatable infant costumes – one male, one female. The big babies duked it out on the front lawn as 90 guests watched. Spoiler alert: the boy won.

“It’s been such a sad and gloomy year for all of us, so we wanted something that would bring some joy and laughter to everyone,” expectant mama Rose Safar told the New York Post.

A relative came up with the hard-hitting idea, positing that the boxing match symbolized “which sperm won the fight to get inside the egg during conception,” which honestly is a little too much imagery for us, thanks.

No one was hurt in the tyke fight, so no harm, no foul, right? But please, we beg of you, stop with the gender reveal parties. At least wait until the baby gets here to start embarrassing him or her like this.

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