Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison Runs Circles Around Lindsey Graham in South Carolina Senate Debate (Watch This Pillsbury Doughboy Get Cooked!)

Lindsey Graham has met his match. Democrat challenger Jaime Harrison and the aforementioned incumbent Republican senator went head-to-head (OK, their podiums were actually socially distanced the appropriate 6 feet with a Plexiglas wall between them) in a debate over the weekend.

They hit on all the hot-button topics, from Medicaid and the Green New Deal to attack ads and the latest Supreme Court justice nomination. Graham seemed to be operating in slo-mo, often consulting his notes and stumbling over his words.

Among Graham’s laughable statements was his take on why the Green New Deal isn’t the right solution to climate change: “You’re going to do away with cars, you’re going to do away with cows. In the name of saving the environment, you’re going to destroy the economy.”

And this one regarding coronavirus: “The one thing I want people to know is that the virus is serious, but we have to move on as a nation,” Graham said (as if COVID-19 were a bad breakup and not a deadly global pandemic).

In one of his finest moments, Harrison took Senator Graham to task over his hypocritical flip-flopping regarding holding a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee at the end of a president’s term.

“I think the greatest heresy that you can do as a public servant is to betray the trust of the people that you took an oath to serve. And that’s what you’ve done,” Harrison said. “Just be a man of it and stand up and say, ‘You know what, I changed my mind. I’m going to do something else.’ But don’t go back and blame it on somebody else for a flip flop that you’re making yourself.”

Graham isn’t going to grow a pair (or a conscience) anytime soon. But he sure can throw himself a pity party. “This is about liberals hating my guts,” Graham said.

The battle for this senate seat will be of the most-watched fights in the 2020 election. Graham has served three terms, but based on his debate performance, it may very well be three strikes and you’re out.

Cover Photo: CNN

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