‘Get Your Booty to the Poll’ PSA Uses Strippers to Motivate Voters, We Vote Yes!

Like it or not, one surefire way to get men’s attention is with nudity. While this fact has been abused by countless advertisers, for once this timeless visual hook is being used for good in a new, 90-second PSA encouraging people to vote.

“Nudity?” You’re asking. “In a voter participation PSA?” Yup. Titled “Get Your Booty to the Poll,” the titillating ad features over half-a-dozen strippers in thongs, barely-there brassieres, and high-heeled boots doing their thang on the other kind of pole.

In between gravity-defying moves, the dancers address why it’s important to vote, such as: “A district attorney decides not to prosecute, including whether or not to go after dirty cops. Do you know who elects the DA? We do, but you don’t want to vote.”

The viral video was directed by Atlanta native Angela Barnes, who created it to rouse men – particularly Black men – out of their apathetic stupor and into action on Election Day.

“Atlanta has a strip club culture. People go out and go on dates at strip clubs, people get married and have funerals at strip clubs,” Barnes told NPR. “You know, people don’t go there just to see like, naked people. You go there for the vibe.”

The vibe of the ad is definitely provocative, and because of that, it’s caught some flack for catering to what the creators think appeals to black men and promoting stereotypes.

“If LeBron James had on a Lakers jersey talking politics right now, no one is going to say anything,” said Mondale Robinson of the Black Male Voter Project, a consultant for the ad. “So, if they have a problem with sisters dancing and talking about issues that are important, then your real problem is not with the issues or the sisters talking about the issues. It’s something deeply embedded in you, in what is considered decent work and not decent work.”

“The national election won’t excite Black men,” he continued. “That is not to say that Black men won’t participate in the national election, that is to say it won’t be the reason that they do.”

After watching (and rewatching) this PSA, consider us excited to vote! (Among other things…)

Cover Photo: YouTube

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