Oh, Baby! Pregnant Woman Saves Husband From Shark Attack

We’re used to the damsel-in-distress narrative. Woman gets in trouble. Dude saves her. But this is the 21st century and women are just as capable of being heroes as guys are. The latest example: a pregnant woman in Florida saved her husband from a shark attack.

Here’s how it all went down. Atlanta-based Margot Dukes-Eddy and her husband Andrew Charles Eddy were vacationing in the Florida Keys. They decided to go out to Sombrero Reef in a 20-foot motorboat for a day of swimming and snorkeling. Moments after 30-year-old Andrew jumped into the water, however, Margot spotted a shark fin and blood. Despite being pregnant, she leapt in to the water to save her husband.

Apparently, an 8- to 10-foot bull shark had sunk its teeth into Andrew’s shoulder. Thanks to his wife’s bravery and the help of others in the area, Andrew survived and was taken to Sombrero Beach where paramedics were waiting. He was then airlifted to a Miami hospital. His injury was deemed “severe,” but his current condition is unknown.

One thing’s for sure: he married the right woman. And she’s got a lot of balls. Not every wife would be willing to jump into shark-infested waters to save her husband, even if he is the father of her child. He better get her a damn good gift for their next wedding anniversary.

Cover Photo: Stephen Frink (Getty Images)

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