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Meanwhile in Russia: Obese Woman Smothers Husband to Death With Her Butt (It’s How He Would’ve Wanted to Go)

There are a lot of bad ways to die, but given the options, maybe this one wouldn’t be the worst. A man named Aidar was recently smothered to death when his 224-pound wife, Tatyana, sat on him during a drunken dispute.

It all went down in Novokuznetsk, Russia. The couple had been fighting, and Tatyana apparently thought that if she sat on her husband, it would calm him down. Somehow, he ended up face-down on the bed, and Tatyana planted her fat ass on his neck. Aidar’s daughter witnessed what was happening and summoned a neighbor, who dismissed the incident as a lovers’ quarrel.

When Aidar stopped struggling, Tatyana allegedly became “frightened” and tried to wake him up by shaking and shouting at him. It didn’t work. He died. A medical examination concluded that the cause of death was “asphyxia from blocking the respiratory system,” or, as a news outlet more crudely put it, Tatyana “strangled [her] husband to death with her buttocks after drinking too much alcohol.”

Photo: East2WestNews

Tatyana was initially charged with murder but that charge was later dropped. During a trial, she was convicted of death by negligence instead. But some aren’t satisfied by that verdict. An Investigative Committee is calling for a new murder charge.

What are the takeaways from this tragic tale? 1) Don’t piss off your lady, especially if she’s bigger than you. And 2) Always stay upright during an argument.

Cover Photo: East2WestNews



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