Meanwhile in China: Tourist Nearly Plummets to Death After Glass Bridge Shatters, Appreciates Irony of Telling Future Wife ‘We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get There’ 

Glass bridges have become all the rage across China, with the world’s longest structure measuring a whopping 1,410 feet. The ephemeral high of crossing a beautiful vista while feeling like you’re walking on air is thrilling. The only problem is, these glass bridges have a nasty habit of shattering at a moment’s notice.

Let’s be honest, China has an addiction to glass bridges. In just a few short years, roughly 2,300 glass bridges have popped up across the country. Yet after several accidents and two reported deaths, many of the gleaming spans have already been shuttered. Now another life-threatening incident in Longjing city continues the rapid decline of these hazardous novelty structures.

In a hair-raising viral video spreading across Weibo (China’s social media drug of choice) a tourist is captured narrowly escaping death after 100 mph winds rip apart the bridge he’s traversing. With shards of broken glass suddenly exploding around him, the tourist was left dangling 300 feet above the ground with no safety net. Paralyzed by fear, the man clung on for dear life as gale-force winds buffeted him.

Thankfully, firefighters arrived within the hour and were able to push through the gawking crowds to coax the man to safety. The tourist (who hopefully grabbed some once-in-a-lifetime selfies) was reportedly unharmed but did suffer from a healthy dose of mental trauma. Having spent half an hour staring death in the face, the man had plenty of time to reevaluate his life, including his career, family, and relationship goals.

After all, crossing a shattered glass bridge in the middle of a tempest is the perfect metaphor for walking down the aisle: They’re both terrifying, take an entire crowd of gawkers to pressure you to cross to the other side, and will most likely require psychological counseling afterward. Either way though, it sure beats the hell out of plummeting into a river full of crocodiles (that’s right, we’re looking at you, Tinder).

Cover Photo: Cj Smith / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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