Tattoo Studio Specializes in Disappearing Ink, Perfect Solution For That Tramp Stamp You’ve Been Debating

The worst part about getting a tattoo isn’t the pain. It isn’t the sensation of the jackhammering needle filling your flesh with ink. It’s the regret you feel five or 10 years later when you realize what a dumb design you got. Now, a new tattoo parlor is eliminating that emotion by offering disappearing ink.

It’s called Ephemeral Tattoo, and it recently opened in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. What sets the five-artist studio apart from competitors is its patented ink product, which is “made to fade” nine to 15 months post-tattoo.

“While there is a time and place for permanence … there are millions of people who, like [us], wouldn’t engage [with tattooing] because of that,” Ephemeral’s co-founder Josh Sakhai told The New York Post.

Sakhai knows of what he speaks – he comes from a religious background that forbids tattooing. And yet, he rebelled, and got inked as a college freshman, only to regret the decision later. (He now has seven Ephemeral Tattoos.) His co-founders also come from conservative, immigrant families that disapprove of permanent ink. It took the team six years and over 50 formulas to come up with its signature black ink.

If you’re a tattoo commitment-phobe, this certainly sounds like a good way to test out getting inked, or to have fun and indulge a design you know you don’t want for life. (Hello, tramp stamp!) The price is comparable to permanent tattoos; small tats are $175 to $225; larger designs go for $350 to $450. Of course, if you love the design and want to keep it forever, you’ll have to drop some more cash for permanent ink. But compared with the alternative – hating a tat so much you pay to have it removed – it’s a wonder it took so long for disappearing ink to make it to the market.

Cover Photo: travenian (Getty Images)

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