Want to Take a Fresh Tat Out For a Try Before You Buy? Grab This Prinker® S Tattoo Device With Black and Color Ink Sets

Cold weather makes us do crazy things, let’s call a spade a spade here. And, while seasonal effective disorder (or SAD, for short, which checks out) gives us an excuse to mope around, it also opens the door for you to dye your hair, give yourself bangs, and do something insane, like tattoo your partner’s name on your chest. Even though you’ve always wanted a sick tattoo with a cool story to show off to your pals, you’re just not quite there yet. No sweat. Grab the Prinker® S Tattoo Device with Black And Color Ink Sets and take your tattoo inspo for a little spin before making the jump on sale this Black Friday.

Alright, let’s break down the Prinker® S Temporary Tattoo Printer before you call up your tattoo artist for one of those, ahem, abstract visions you’ve got in that noggin of yours. The printer pairs with the Prinker app to use on any iOS or Android device and aggregates out over 5,000 designs to choose from to get a good grasp on what your ascetic is. Need to pull away from the norm to show your individuality? No sweat, you can also get a fresh temp tat that you’ve created all on your own with the create function. This ensures the tattoo you were thinking of going permanent with will look absolutely fire without making any huge commitment. Speaking of not making any big changes, the Prinker S uses FDA-compliant cosmetic inc that’s waterproof but also soap washable, so if you’re not thrilled with the outcome, you can just take a bath and it will be gone in seconds. However, if you absolutely love it, it could be yours for a full three days before reapplication.

Setting up this bad boy is super easy, just sync your smartphone to the Prinker app, choose from thousands of designs, draw or upload your own, spray the included primer on your skin, rub the device across the area of skin and, bam, you’ve got a good way to scare the crap out of grandma Gertie this Thanksgiving. Tattoos show up in just about three seconds and are the perfect way to accessorize any clean patch of skin.

Get the Prinker® S Tattoo Device with Black And Color Ink Sets, which includes two-color ink cartridges, a rechargeable battery, black ink cartridge, skin primer, and user manual, for $379.95 (Reg. $448).

Prices subject to change.