Listen to Your Records the 2022 Way With This mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player

Listen, we too think it’s heartbreaking that the Gen Z kiddos have started calling millennials “elders,” but, to be fair, we do act like geriatrics. And, while our lower backs are killing us, we still have enough energy to get up and boogie every once in a while. Music is super important, so it’s time to get a listening apparatus that thinks your records should be handled like babies (since millennials have apparently put the kibosh on actual children). Get the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player and listen in style.

Alright, music freaks and history buffs (and those who play into a little of both), let’s touch base about why the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player is in your wheelhouse. With a full-sized 295mm alloy platter and a sound system that bests your old boombox, you’ll get the same uniform stability and rotation you’d expect from an expensive record player while still allowing high fidelity playback. The adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force ensure your record tracks and grooves without any type of wonkiness going on.

Beyond the record portion of the product, the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player gives you the 1950s look you crave in your midcentury modern home with futuristic functions. It’s hooked to a Bluetooth transmitter, so that you can listen to your old records the 2022 way: either through Bluetooth-compatible wireless speakers or headphones. Want to listen to that record on the go? Play and record vinyl directly to your PC to have a digitized copy on all of your devices so you can always give that old doo-wop beat or rock and roll favorite a listen when it suits you most.

Get the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player, which also includes an instruction manual. for $249 (Reg. $363).

Prices subject tot change.


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