Millennial and Gen Z TikTokers Battle It Out Over Skinny Jeans (You Can Take Ours From Our Cold, Dead Legs)

Fashion trends come and go, but rarely has the debate over one ignited such passionate debate on the internet. The current wardrobe war is over skinny jeans, and it’s waging on TikTok between millennials and Gen Z.

Gen Z claims that skinny jeans are no longer “phat.” (No one says that anymore, we know.) Millennials say, “You can take them off our cold, dead legs.”

Even worse, Gen Z says that the only kind of jeans that are en vogue are the dreaded “mom jeans,” also known as baggy denim that looks good on absolutely no one.

“i don’t think i can ever go back. skinny jeans are still cute tho,” one TikToker said in a video that showed the difference in her mood in skinny versus baggy jeans.

@ayyylexii don’t think i can ever go back. skinny jeans are still cute tho #swag♬ So swag right now – yea

This TikToker would rather be homeless than wear skinny jeans. “i will never wear skinny jeans and i live by that,” she said.

@julia3llei will never wear skinny jeans and i live by that #foryoupage♬ original sound – audios

This TikToker would rather die than don skin-tight denim again. “Okay we all had a skinny jeans phase but I love my baggy jeans,” she said.

@amelie_coleman_Okay we all had a skinny jeans phase but I love my baggy jeans♬ This is not my sound – Mikaela

Even if we could get behind skinny jeans going out of style (we can’t), the baggy jeans trend opens up so many questions, like: How do we not look like we have dad bods in these pants? (They should really be called “dad bod jeans” rather than “mom jeans.”) What kind of footwear are we supposed to wear with them? And what are the rules on belts?

Some TikTokers are just as confused as we are. This one demonstrates how skinny jeans makes women look ass-mazing.

@sharen_kNeed explanation #jeans #skinny #asosdaytofright #desi #indian #fyp #rant #charlidamelio #addison Rae #why♬ original sound – Sharen

This TikToker says Gen Z is just too young to appreciate skinny jeans.

@keeeeeeeks77Justice for skinny jeans #genz #millennial #skinnyjeans♬ original sound – Kiara

And this one is mourning her favorite skinny jeans.

@rosydelieui hate it here #skinnyjeans #damnit♬ Charles Bradley Changes – ny.grant

Then again, should we really take fashion cues from Gen Z? As this TikToker reminds us, they’re the ones that encouraged eating Tide Pods.

@ahope94I will wear skinny jeans 5ever #GEICOLipSync #genz #millennial #millenialsoftiktok #skinnyjeans #sidepart #middlepart #millenials♬ Drivers license X Girls in the hood – DJ Justin

First they came for our bootcut jeans, so we all squeezed into skinny jeans and eventually came to see how comfortable they could be. But now they want our skinny jeans, too? If baggy jeans are what the fashionable youth are into now, consider us old and out of touch. We’re sticking to our skinny jeans, thankyouverymuch.

Cover Photo: Eugenio Marongiu (Getty Images)

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