Bruce Willis’ Refusal to Wear a Mask Spawns ‘Die Hard’ Jokes Galore on Twitter

Almost a year into the U.S. portion of the coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask should be second nature. You go out in public, you wear a mask. It’s part of the social contract. Wearing a mask keeps you and others safe and helps stop the spread of the deadliest virus most of us have ever encountered in our lifetimes.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. And when a celebrity refuses to take the same simple precaution as the rest of us, they get a lot of heat, and deservedly so. The latest actor-turned-asshole to refuse to wear a mask? Bruce Willis.

The 65-year-old celeb was recently asked to leave a Los Angeles pharmacy after refusing to put on a mask. The covidiot didn’t even bother to pull up the bandana that was tied around his neck. Instead, he huffed off without making a purchase.

Twitter took this opportunity to mock the Die Hard star mercilessly. Enjoy this sampling of burns.

Yes, Willis’ behavior is reckless and inconsiderate. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a Die Hard sequel storyline here. John McClane must be in the 65+ category at high risk for coronavirus complications. Maybe a pandemic thriller is just what the country needs right now…

Cover Photo: Backgrid

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