Ranked! 10 Anticipated Indie Films We Can’t Wait For in 2021

If 2020 has proven one thing (aside from the fact that we need healthier coping mechanisms) it’s that the unsung heroes of Hollywood are films produced outside the major studio system—the one that relies on movie theaters and box office earnings. Gosh, it’d be nice to munch popcorn and listen to the sticky sound of one’s footsteps again. The at-home experience might lack tradition and CGI but not story and talent. While we certainly can’t wait for the return of the summer blockbuster, we’re even more appreciative of independent films. Stellar 2020 films like Nomadland and Minari will become available to the masses in February spearheading a year chock-full of indies. Here are 10 Anticipated Indie Films We Can’t Wait For in 2021.

Cover Photo: Searchlight Pictures

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