Age of the Indie: Quarantine Has Lowered the Movie Playing Field, Especially When People Are Craving Anything New

Now and again we’ll see a big-budget extravaganza release on Netflix: films like Da 5 BloodsThe Old Guard and, more recently, Project Power. Aside from that, quarantine has lowered the movie playing field. COVID-19 dismantled any notion of a traditional 2020 release schedule—every blockbuster we planned on seeing this year has been pushed; awaiting the safe and responsible reopening of theaters worldwide. From Marvel’s Black Widow and Warner Bros.’ Tenet to Universal’s No Time to Die, entertainment is both shaken and stirred. 

Quality movies are still finding their way to audiences via VOD. The best cinematic outings are independent (not that indies aren’t always superior…*cough* creative freedom *cough*). Indies are all we really have right now, films crafted by intrepid spirits trying to stir those accustomed to superheroes, soft-core sex, and CGI. Raw, unfiltered, and undisputed in its proclivity for chaos, 2020 dawned the age of the indie. If theaters can’t reclaim their former economic glory upon reopening, streaming will be everyone’s main source of entertainment. It already is. Why would distributors go back? It’s not hard to imagine a future where smaller films sit shoulder-to-shoulder with Spider-Man and Dominic Toretto. No limited release or over-priced popcorn. The following indies, unrestrained by their cash-cow behemoth brethren, are some of the best 2020 has to offer (especially for those craving anything new). 

Cover Photo: Netflix

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