Mandatory Staff Picks: The Best Movies About Loneliness That We Can Totally Relate To Right Now

Quarantine is taking its toll. While we recognize the importance of social distancing (it is a life-and-death matter, after all), that doesn’t make it any more bearable. We thought we could tolerate all this alone time, but two months (or more) into self-isolation and we’ve reached new depths of loneliness we didn’t know existed.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that we aren’t half as resilient as we thought we were, but we’re not completely alone (even if we physically are). Hollywood has been making movies about loneliness for ages, and they’re some of the most profound films you’ll ever see. Watch one of these 10 exceptional flicks and you’ll feel like someone (even if they’re fictional) truly understands what you’re going through.

Cover Photo: Paramount Vantage (Getty Images)

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