Mandatory Twitter Trends: #AddBaconToAFilm Is Our Favorite Funny Trending Hashtag Right Now

Bacon and movies. They’re two of our biggest guilty pleasures (that we hardly feel guilty at all about). But we never thought to combine the two (outside of the obvious Kevin Bacon or Babe references) until now.

Thanks to a new hashtag trending on Twitter, the world of entertainment has a tasty new edge to it. That’s because #AddBaconToAMovie is encouraging social media users to swap out words in their favorite movie titles with references to crispy fried pork.

Why we didn’t think of doing this sooner, we don’t know. But we are all here for it, and now we’re not only craving some of those delicious pig sticks but we also want to revisit these iconic films. See the hilarious tweets that have us squealing like little porkers below.

Cover Photo: Miramax Films


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