Mandatory Movies: 10 Inspiring Movie Characters Who Served in the Military

When you think of veterans in movies, your mind likely drifts to obvious examples like Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July, the brothers in Legends of the Fall, or Tom Hanks’ role in Forrest Gump. But what about those characters for whom the military is part of their backstory, but not the main arc? What about the characters you find endearing or admirable for one reason or another, but who also happen to have a past in the service?

In honor of Memorial Day, we did a deep dive into some of our favorite movies and the characters in them who have a military background but whose war stories aren’t necessarily front and center in the spotlight. Some of them you might recall as having experiences as servicemen, while others will come as a complete surprise.

Here are 10 inspiring movie characters who served in the military.

Cover Photo: Working Title Films


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