The Mandatory 20 Funniest COVID Thanksgiving Tweets (Laughs We Can All Be Grateful For)

2020 has been the hardest year most of us have lived through. If it’s difficult for you to feel grateful today, we don’t blame you. But some things are still good, even during our first-ever (and hopefully only) COVID Thanksgiving — like mounds of mashed potatoes doused in gravy, eating stuffing right out of the pan, and having an entire pumpkin pie all to yourself. There’s also Twitter, and its users’ sense of humor, which is stronger than your grandpa’s bad breath that you won’t be smelling this year thanks to Zoom.

Whether it’s poking fun at our affinity for overeating, the hypocrisy of Thanksgiving being canceled while Black Friday is still on, or the traditions we’ll miss most this year, Twitter delivers some serious belly laughs on the subject of Turkey Day during a pandemic. In spite of all that’s wrong, or awful, or dark this year, don’t forget to have a scroll and share a chuckle with internet strangers. These are the Mandatory 20 funniest COVID Thanksgiving tweets.

Cover Photo: FluxFactory (Getty Images)

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