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Going the Distance: 10 Social Distancing Hacks to Preserve the Veneer of Normalcy

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has changed life as we know it, and not just for close-talkers. After months of denial, the U.S. government is finally taking the threat seriously. The Center for Disease Control recommends “social distancing” to slow the spread of the disease. Social distancing measures include limiting interactions to small groups, closing buildings and canceling events. It also means keeping your distance from other people.

Social distancing is one of the most insidious aspects of the crisis. Our natural human instincts betray us, except for maybe extreme introverts. Hugs, kisses and even handshakes are now major party fouls, even if it’s just a party of two. If you can’t physically comfort a friend, loved one, or stranger, there are still other ways to be social. From eye hugs to chin tilts to good old-fashioned waving, here are 10 ways to stay close without getting close.

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Help Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

Visit the Centers for Disease Control at or the World Health Organization at for the latest information on the coronavirus and learn what you can do to stop the spread.

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