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Friends Cutting Each Other Out Over Social Distancing, Study Finds the Perfect Excuse to Ditch People Who Suck

Relationships, be they romantic or platonic, are tense right now. As we enter into yet another month of social distancing, it’s amazing we have any friends left at all. Actually, some of us don’t. A new study shows that Americans have been cutting people off left and right.

Stannah surveyed 983 people about social distancing. What they found reveals how frayed our ties to friends and family members have become in the age of coronavirus.

Half of respondents said they are “extremely or very concerned” about contracting COVID-19. Even more (53 percent) reported that they are close to someone who was “not social distancing to the extent they feel necessary.”

Who are these people? Primarily friends (65 percent), followed by coworkers (45 percent), immediate family members (41 percent), neighbors (33 percent), or extended family members (32 percent). Baby Boomers (75 percent) were more likely than Gen Xers (67 percent) and millennials (63 percent) to claim someone they knew was not social distancing properly.

How to deal with these covidiots? Many are choosing to cut off contact. Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed have stopped communicating with a friend over COVID-19 precautions (or lack thereof). Thirteen percent have done the same to a family member. Millennials were the most likely (32 percent) to have a spat on social media or social distancing habits.

The takeaway from all these stats? If you have some friends that you’ve been wanting to ditch or family members to disown, now seems to be the time to do so. And that goes double if they don’t respect social distancing guidelines. When it comes to certain people, 6 feet away is still too close for comfort.

Cover Photo: urbazon (Getty Images)

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