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The Mandatory Hot Vax Summer Dating Guide to Overcoming FODA (And WTF That Even Is)

It’s been a long, long time since we had to put ourselves out there. And by “out there,” we mean on the dating market. But Hot Vax Summer is upon us and our libidos are back in full swing. Before we reactivate our dating app profiles, we’ve got a few pounds to lose, some facial hair to get rid of, and a major fear to overcome: FODA.

First things first: WTF is FODA? It means Fear of Dating Again. The term comes from Logan Ury, director of relationship science for Hinge, a dating app that reports 51 percent of its users claim to be experiencing FODA. “Dating is always anxiety-provoking, plus dating in the middle of a pandemic? It’s not surprising that it’s been a really trying time for people,” Ury told TMRW.

But we’ve had enough of hiding out in our apartments, eating bad pizza, and watching even worse television. We’re single and it’s time to mingle again. While we can’t help you with the weight loss and grooming issues, we can help ease your anxiety about doing the dating-and-mating dance again. Read on for our tips on conquering FODA and getting back into rotation.

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