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Boat-In Movie Theaters Take Summer Movie Viewing Up a Yacht-ch

Since coronavirus closed movie theaters several months ago, drive-ins have experienced a renaissance, but now they’re all wet – in a good way. Sydney’s Beyond Cinema has created a Floating Cinema experience using boats instead of cars in which to watch movies in bodies of water, and they’re taking the show on the road…err…to the waves.

From Sept. 16 to 20, New Yorkers can enjoy the maritime entertainment. There will be between 12 and 24 miniboats available. Viewers purchase eight tickets (basically, a boat full) to keep friends and family members together while maintaining a safe social distance from other groups. Though the film line-up is still vaguely described as “a mix of golden oldies and new releases,” there will be free popcorn as well as other snacks available for purchase before viewers push off.

No word yet on how much tickets will cost, but you can preregister for the New York showings here. It seems like a fun, creative way to see movies on the big screen, get some fresh air, and social distance at the same time – if that’s the kind of summertime activity that, um, floats your boat.

Cover Photo: Floating Cinema

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