Best Summer Movies to Watch While Drive-In Theaters Are Back

If you can’t go on that epic road trip this summer, at least you can get a little taste of asphalt freedom at the drive-in movie theater. COVID-19 may cause most sit-in movie theaters to go out of business, but it’s breathing new life into the car-filled kind. Honestly, drive-ins are way more fun and affordable than traditional movie theaters anyways. You can sneak in as much food as you want, everything from candy bars to comically oversized racks of ribs. Plus, it’s easy to vape, drink, or kill brain cells any way you want, as long as you have a responsible designated driver.

Even better, drive-ins often feature classic summer flicks as well as new releases. The Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell’s chin, comes to drive-ins this month. Other summer cult classics are returning to these silver screens, too. Some much-anticipated new releases will be debuting under the stars this summer, which is fine by us. We review the best new and old summer movies to catch at the drive-in movie theater.

Cover Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)

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