Move Over, Jaws: The Best Shark Movies Taking a Bite Out of the Big Screen This Summer

Nearly 50 years ago, Steven Spielberg changed cinema forever when he made a little shark movie called Jaws. The first movie to make $100 million at the box office, Jaws’ popularity created the term “blockbuster” to describe the audiences lining up for blocks outside theaters. A new Hollywood business model soon followed in Jaws’ bloody wake: come up with a high-concept idea with broad appeal, release it in summer when families are looking for entertainment and crank out sequels as needed. (Even Jaws the Revenge made $50 million in 1987 dollars.)

Jaws also inadvertently created a subgenre of action/horror movies based on sharks. Occasionally, a big-budget shark movie, such as The Meg or Deep Blue Sea, surfaces but most of these creature features are straight-to-DVD/streaming. Here’s a look at shark movies already out or coming in 2022, if you’re still too scared to go in the water.

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures


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