Meanwhile in Mexico: Great White Shark Goes Viral For Resemblance to Jaws

Talk about (sea) life imitating art. An Instagram account run by Be A Shark Adventure Travel has captured a pic of a Great White shark that is the spitting image of the iconic Jaws movie poster – and the terrifying creature has gone viral.


Photo: Universal Pictures


The shark in question is a 13-footer dubbed “Nicole” by the Instagram account’s owners, Nikki Brant Sevy and Euan Rannachan. They nabbed the shot off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

“Guadalupe Island has over 400 individually identified white sharks, and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph over two-hundred of them,” Sevy told The Sun. “When sharks are serious about getting a hang bait they often make a fast vertical approach from the depths. I saw Nicole approaching from below and was able to visually track her as she instigated her approach. She rose up directly in front of me and I knew I had the chance at a Jaws movie poster shot. There were a lot of mackerel around that day, and I was worried they ruined the photo by getting between me and Nicole, or that they pulled focus from her.”

Admittedly, mackerel were not included in the Jaws movie poster, but the Be a Shark team has plenty of other pics to choose from that also emulate the 1975 Steven Spielberg film that spawned a shark-themed series.

If you’re brave enough, you can see these amazing, toothy sea creatures for yourself by doing a cage dive with the Be a Shark team. As for us, we’re scared shitless just by the movie and will be sitting this one out, thanks.

Cover Photo: Stephen Frink (Getty Images)



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