Meanwhile on TikTok: Family With 7 Dachshunds Dogs Goes Viral (That’s a Lot of Wieners)

What could possibly be cuter than a wiener dog? How about seven of them – all dressed up as hot dogs? That’s just one of the videos worth watching on a TikTok account that’s gone viral because it consists of a couple and their brood of adorable dachshunds.

Grace Park, a 26-year-old sales executive, and her husband are the proud owners of Boots, Bandit, Peanut, Plopper, Tubby, Punkin and Einstein. They live in El Paso, Texas but delight viewers all over the world with their hilarious videos of the pups. From bathtime to party time, these pooches are endlessly entertaining. Check out a few of their videos:

We’ve gotta say: wieners have never been more amusing – and this is the only context in which we want to see seven of them on screen at one time.

Cover Photo: TikTok