Dachshund vs. Goliath: 15-Year-Old Dog Saves His Canine Companion From Mountain Lion Attack

We know that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Not all heroes look like Clark Kent or Dwayne Johnson. Some are tiny, short-legged Dachshunds. In the hierarchy of dog sizes, the only dog smaller than a dachshund is a Chihuahua and if you mix the two, you get a tiny dog that might find itself in some life-or-death jams it can’t get out of. That is unless it has a dog pal named Winston who saves it from being eaten by a mountain lion.

It all went down in Evergreen, Colorado earlier this month. Mijo, the aforementioned Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, and his buddy Winston (who is a full Dachshund) managed to wriggle their way out of their owners’ house in search of adventure when someone left a door open. Instead of finding said adventure, they ran into a mountain lion on the prowl.

Thinking Mijo might be a tasty treat, the big cat pounced on the tiny dog. In most cases, this would be game over for poor Mijo. But not this day. His friend Winston refused to let his pal end up as a puma’s afternoon snack.

Winston barked and charged the mountain lion so aggressively that the cat dropped the smaller dog and ran away. Spending a few moments in the jaws of a big predator didn’t leave poop Mijo injury-free.

He suffered many injuries, including the loss of one eye, and was rushed to a local animal hospital to recuperate. While he has a long way to go to be injury-free, he wouldn’t have had a chance without the bravery of his friend (and hero) Winston who risked his own life to save the little pup.

Photo: Billy Currie Photography (Getty Images)

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