Joe Biden to Bring First Rescue Dog to the White House After Trump Sh!ts the Rug All Year

Joe Biden’s presidency is one of a lot of firsts. Biden will be the oldest president sworn into office on Inauguration Day. Kamala Harris will be the first Black, South Asian, bi-racial, female vice-president. And there’s one more unprecedented aspect of this soon-to-be administration: the first dog.

It’s a longstanding tradition for presidents to bring a pooch into the White House. But Biden’s pup, a German shepherd named Major, will be the first-ever rescue dog to shack up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden and his wife Jill adopted Major in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Association after fostering him. He’ll be joined in his new digs by his fur-brother-from-another-mother, Champ.

President Trump didn’t have a furry friend during his stint in the White House (though he sure did shit the rug a lot), probably because sociopaths don’t know how to care for living creatures. Besides, Trump’s hair is a high-maintenance animal in and of itself.

The last canines to grace the halls of the presidential residence were Barack Obama’s Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny.

Good riddance to the current big, bad Alpha dog in the Oval Office and a big, slobbery, warm welcome to Major and Champ!

Cover Photo: Facebook

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