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Watch President Joe Biden Welcome Third German Shepherd to the White House (While Twitter Wonders When We Will Get a First Cat)

No bones about it: President Joe Biden doesn’t have the best track record with dogs in the White House. First, there was Champ, a geriatric pup that passed away after 13 years with the First Family. Then there was Major, who was exiled from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after an “extremely minor” incident in which he nipped a Social Service agent’s hand.

But that didn’t stop the Prez from bringing home yet another furry best friend. In a now-viral video circulating on Twitter, Biden revealed that the family has adopted yet another German shepherd, this one named Commander.

“Meet the newest Biden,” read the caption of the video, which featured a lively pooch running toward the president (who looks anything but lively and who could probably not run a block if his life depended on it…but we digress). Commander is shown doing all the things dogs tend to do: run around, play fetch, and practice sitting.

As Twitter is want to do, plenty of users fawned over the new addition to the White House. But there were a few hilarious dissenters, like these:

Only one day in and Commander has already been thrown to the wolves!

Still, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. We hope you can hold your own in it, Commander, and come out the other side better than your predecessors. Who knows, maybe the third pup’s the charm.

Cover Photo: Twitter



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