Trending #FatBearWeek Pits Bears Against One Another in Adorable Body-Shaming Event

Hey! It’s Fat Bear Week! Never heard of it? Well, let us enlighten you. It’s only the most excellent autumnal trend in nature — and on the internet.

The annual elimination tournament pits big bears against one another as they bulk up for hibernation. Bears have been known to weigh in at over 1,000 pounds and the ones at Katami National Park in Alaska are said to be among the biggest in the world. So every year, the park broadcasts footage from its six webcams around the park featuring the animals fishing or strolling around the grounds. The park creates a bracket and each day brings a new matchup. People vote online for their favorite fatty. What a wild way to celebrate body acceptance!

There are also Q&A opportunities and other special events associated with the competition, not to mention the hilarious comments of human spectators on social media using the hashtag #FatBearWeek. Animal lovers really get into this.

Who will be deemed the burliest beast of Brook River? You’ll find out on Oct. 6, when the winner is announced. We wonder if there will ever be a Bikini Bear Week to show how the animals slim down in preparation for summer? Now that we’d like to see!

Cover Photo: Sergey Kulikov (Getty Images)

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